[BS/RBS list] Looking for Daily Ride between RBS A and Har Nof

RFried rfried at shemesh.co.il
Wed Apr 21 15:42:51 EDT 2010

Posting for a friend who is new to the neighborhood….

From: Pal [mailto:carmiyapal at 012.net.il] 

I am looking for a daily ride from RBS A (Lachish) to Har Nof around 7:15/30
am and back to RBS A between 3 – 4 pm Sunday thru Thursday. I would also
consider a daily ride one way and also to Kanfei Nesharim.  Will contribute

Please contact Carmiya on 0545-355468 or 02-5804568 or carmiyapal at 012.net.il

Thanks, Riki

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