[BS/RBS list] Public Meeting to Remove Cellular Antennas from Dolev Mall

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Thu Apr 22 07:03:33 EDT 2010

 Once again, there is radiation danger from the RBS Dolev mall antennas.

 From testing performed by the Cellular Forum of Israel on April 18th 2010,
it was found that radiation is being emitted by the antennas and therefore
the antennas on the Dolev mall (Park Center) roof are operating.

 It seems that the Iriya’s Legal Advisor requested that only the Cellcom
antenna be stopped. So the others are now operating.

 Please sign the following petition to stop the antennas and forward the
link to your friends and their families:
http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/removeantennas/ (English) or
www.atzuma.co.il/removeantennas (Hebrew)

 Just last week, a cellular antenna was removed in Bnei Brak.  We can do it
here too. *BUT it is vital to have a good showing of community support*

 Important to know:

 1. When operating, the antennas emit radiation that endangers our health
and the health of our children, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  The roof
has 4 antennas together, which is nearly without precedent nationally and
results in 4 times the radiation!!!

 2. Research shows a connection between residents living within 500 meter of
a cellular antenna with increased incidents of cancer, as well as other
medical problems such as headaches, tumors, DNA damage, and
pregnancy-related issues. These are residential buildings within *40
meters*of the antennas!!!

 3. Children are more at risk to the harmful effects than adults.


If your health and the health of your children is important to you and you
want to do something about it:

Come to a residents meeting at the RBS Matnas on Nachal Dolev on Sunday
25.04.2010 at 20:00 (8pm).

City Council members have also been invited. *It is very important that you

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