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Sat Apr 24 16:05:18 EDT 2010

There's going to be a fabulous Lag B'Omer bonfire for singles in their 20s in EFRAT. Please forward this to your 20+ children, or SEND US their emails and we will forward it to them.
We'd like to MAKE SOME MATCHES at the MEDURA next week on Motzei Shabbat.
So, pass this message along.
We've got the email in Hebrew also if you'd prefer.
Good luck to all in making this program a success.
Sharon Katz

Come enjoy an amazing Lag Baomer bonfire in Efrat.

For fun and social dati leumi singles (21-29) both Anglo and Israeli who want to mingle with a great crowd.
No pressure, come relax among a group of your peers who've shared similar experiences in life. This is for singles by singles with the emphasis of just having a fantastic time and meeting new people.
Where and when: Saturday night the 1st of May (17th of Iyar). On the Zayit Hill of Efrat, in the park across from 28 Pitom HaKetoret.
Free food and drinks, music and great company! 
Please confirm by Thursday the 29th of April at the latest so we can know how many people to expect. Feel free to spread along the word to your friends.
Each person will be asked to bring one food item.

For more details: Sharon: izzy at actcom. <mailto:izzy at actcom.co.il> co.il 
Also please let us know if you know how to play an instrument and wish to bring it along.

Please join and confirm in the Facebook group:

http://www.facebook <http://www.facebook.com/?ref=logo#!/event.php?eid=113532312010839&ref=mf> .com/?ref=logo#!/event.php?eid=113532312010839&ref=mf

A huge thank you to the incredible Efrat people behind the scenes (you know who you are) who are sponsoring this event. There is a minimum amount of participants so please confirm A.S.A.P so we can get this thing really going. Hope to see you there!


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