[BS/RBS list] "YAYIN BARAMAH" free wine tasting

Boruch Scherer boboscherer at gmail.com
Wed Apr 28 07:33:16 EDT 2010

This Thursday (the 29th of April) "YAYIN BARAMAH" is hosting a free wine
tasting for our customers.
from 19:00 - 21:00 and everyone is invited to join although the age limit is
21 and up.
We have great deals in stock which include wines, liqueurs, whiskeys and
We also now have a BRAND NEW! selection of fresh humidor stored "Cuban
Cigars",db brand pipes, tobacco,
cigarettes, flavored cigars, the list is endless...

P.S we are down to our last 2 bottles "YATIR FOREST 2004" kol hakodem zocheh

our telephone number is 02-995-2117

and our address is Nachal Kishon 48 (next to the flower store)

looking forward to seeing you!

Sincerely yours Baruch Scherer:)


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