[BS/RBS list] healthy sleeping habits for newborns

Henchie Weinreb hnweinreb at gmail.com
Sat Mar 10 17:27:27 EST 2012

I may be able to help you get your baby (birth to 3 months of age) on a
schedule to (eventually) sleep through the night. Start good patterns early
on in your baby's life to enjoy the benefits long-term. I also have tips
for calming and soothing newborns (and Mommies!). If you already have an
older infant (over 3 months of age), I may be able to direct you as well. I
don't believe any one method works for every baby or mommy, but talking to
someone impartial can often lead to finding solutions. Email or call for
details 999-0506.

Henchie Weinreb, LMSW
*Giving parents tools for babies, toddlers and kids*

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