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NadlanTown News:

Light rail for Beit Shemesh?

The Regional Planning Board of Jerusalem is exploring  the possibility of building a light rail line for Beit Shemesh given the fact that the population in this city is growing at a very fast rate and also that a large amount of its population  uses a lot of public transportation (since many families do not have cars) 
Not only will the trains connect many areas within Beit Shemesh itself but will also extend all the way to Jerusalem.The proposed route will most likely be next to a new proposed route among other alternatives(Road 39).


Ramat Bet Shemesh A RENTALS: (commercial property):

-Offices for rent in the Bet Shemesh industrial area(North) from 60sqm from 
NIS50 per sqm.

         -  Also containers for  rent, ideal for Olim that want to store their
furniture ,etc, short or long term NIS 800 per month

    - 100sqn shops in the BS north industrial area NIS 3,950 p/m

  -area suitable for workshop all sizes  starting at only NIS 6 per sqm

      -Tired and frustrated of working from home? we have the solution, office
    room available for NIS 900 including all costs!!

    Ramat Bet Shemesh G SALES(sample only) NEW PROJECTS:
    Enquire in our office!! Click below to view them!!!

    http://www.nadlantown.com/PKRes.asp http://www.nadlantown.com/PMit.as

    http://www.nadlantown.com/PNTov.asp http://www.nadlantown.com/PNKra.asp

SPECIAL: 5 room duplex (approx 140sqm) with garden, attached covered pkg , storeroom and challal (option tyo expand and split into up to 3 rental units!!)for only NIS 1,385,000 Do not miss out!!!

4 rms, good floor plan, closes to shops, succa porch, REDUCED TO NIS 999,000, LIMITED OFFER ONLY!!do not miss this unique chance before prices go up soon!


- 5 rms, 1 level, Ramat Shilo, beautifully maintained, 1st floor, motivated seller NIS 1,680,000

- 5.5 duplex on Dolev, well kept and very invested, 3 air exposures, magnificent views, NIS 1,599,000 Negotiable

- 3 rm, Uriah, street level,2 storerooms (very easy option to make it an extra room), adjacent covered pkg lots (can also make 2 extra rms or build separate   rental unit), lage succa porch with magnificent view and approx 35 sqm garden. NIS 1,250,000 http://www.nadlantown.com/DetailProp.asp?NT=94

 - 4 rms on Nitzanim,approx 110 sqm. large porch,low floor, covered pkg and storeroom.Ideal investment with high returns or as an office,NIS 1,250,000  http://www.nadlantown.com/DetailProp.asp?NT=98

- 5 rms on Kishon, wrap-around garden, succa porch, option to add 1 rm,can split into 2 rental units or divide as offices, excellent investment ,NIS 1,320,000 http://www.nadlantown.com/DetailProp.asp?NT=97

-4 rms on Micha, succa porch with breathtaking view, option to add 2 rms and porch, keen vendors!! Priced to cell NIS 1,190,000 Make an offer! http://www.nadlantown.com/DetailProp.asp?NT=96

-5 rms on Ayalon, very invested, huge porch, view, spacious and modern kitchen, double size master bedroom,option to expand NIS 1,680,000 

-8 rms duplex, Ramat shilo, succa porch with view,storeroom, invested throughout, NIS 2,150,000

-3 rms , Ramat Shilo, large salon, invested, storeroom, good size porch.NIS 1,080,000

- 6.5 rms "like cottage"on Dolev, large garden, invested, succa porch, option 
to expand,one of a king in sought after location NIS 2,500,000  http://www.nadlantown.com/DetailProp.asp?NT=99

-4 rms (originally 5) on Sorek, double sized fully invested kitchen,ample salon, central a/c, storeroom NIS 1,490,000

-One of a kind...cottage on Luz, 6 rms , option to expand, huge garden (approx 400sqm!!)NIS 3,300,000  http://www.nadlantown.com/DetailProp.asp?Gr_ListingSalePage=1&NT=84

-5 rms on Maor, succa porch, large storeroom, view, rare find in such sought after location.NIS 1,490,000

- Lovely Ramat Shilo duplex divided into 3 units! NIS 2,350,000  http://www.nadlantown.com/DetailProp.asp?Gr_ListingSalePage=1&NT=87

-4 rms on Matta, option to add 60sqm, large succa porch, low floor NIS1,060,000

-4 rms on Sorek, panoramic views, fantastic cross ventilation, storeroom 
 reduced to NIS1,199,000 flex   http://www.nadlantown.com/DetailProp.asp?NT=74

-7 rms on Dolev, 2 master bedrooms, option to build attic, includes self contained 2 rm unit (no steps to go in), la\\rge garden and succa porchNIS 2,100,000  http://www.nadlantown.com/DetailProp.asp?NT=72

- 5 rms on Micha, entr level, huge porch with magnificent view,garden,storage attached to apt and covered pkg, can be split into 3 units NIS 1,650,000 great investment!!

  -5 rms on Katlav, garden and large succa porch, covered pkg and storeroom,
option to add approx 50sqm NIS 1,550,000

   -6 room pent-cottage with a 2 room rental unit/office in Ramat Shilo, 

        -  7.5 rms , Timna, single level, can split into 3 units (or 2), huge succa
    porch and garden, view NIS 2,200,000 http://www.nadlantown.com/DetailProp.asp?NT=57

        - 4 rms on Matta, very spacious, succa porch with view, 3 air exposures,
    storeroom asking NIS 1,250,000  http://www.nadlantown.com/DetailProp.asp?NT=58

        - 5 rms on Ein Gedi, well kept and invested, garden and large porch, NIS   1,590,000.  http://www.nadlantown.com/DetailProp.asp?NT=55

       - 5 rms on Dolev, well kept, 2 porches, view, large storeroom, opt to expand NIS 1,799,000   http://www.nadlantown.com/DetailProp.asp?NT=56

        -4 rms (turned into 5) new floors on Revivim, 2 porches, large storeroom, can split into 2 rental units, reduced to NIS 1,390,000http://www.nadlantown.com/DetailProp.asp?Gr_ListingSalePage=2&NT=53
    -6 rm on Micha,. Private ground floor entrance Huge succa balcony with lots of air, as well a garden with space for a swimming pool.It has a covered parking lot and a storeroom.NIS 1,730,000 http://www.nadlantown.com/DetailProp.asp?NT=51

         - 5 rms on HaYarkon, country sryle, plus office/rental unit, view,large garden with fruit trees.NIS1,599,000 

       -4 (1 small) rms, Ein Gedi, near Lev HaTora, view. Reduced to !!!NIS  930,000  B A R G A I N!! for 2 weeks only!!    http://www.nadlantown.com/DetailProp.asp?s_Room=3&s_Price=1050000&s_NeighID=1&s_Price1=1050000&NT

    -5 rms , Dolev, centrally located, invested kitchen, airy & bright.NIS1,450,000 http://www.nadlantown.com/DetailProp.asp?NT=39
   -5 rms on Uria, entrance level, + 2 rm separate rental unit, Asking  NIS1,680,000 Make an offer!                     
                   .     ----------------------------------------------------------

    Ramat Bet Shemesh A Residential Rentals(sample only):

      - 2 rms on Revivim, eat-in kitchen, immediate, ,only NIS 2,000 incl. water arnona and vaad bayit

       -4 rms on Uriah,big porch, a/c, view, covered pkg, well kept , from m23/4/12, asking NIS 3,700

      - 2.5 rms on Ein Gedi , like new, private entrance, immediate, NIS 2,600 incl arnona

       - 2 rms on Kishon, invested,kitchinette ,fully furbished, NIS 2,200  incl. water, arnona and vaad bayit

      - 2 rms, Ramat Shilo, Beer Sheva,brand new, spacious bedroom NIS 2,200 

      - 4 rms on Maor , fully rennovated,one of a kind!! most desired location, 2 bathrooms,central air, asking NIS 4,200

      - 4 rms(1 small), Ein Gedi, near "Lev HaTora", private entrance,fully reburbished,a real gem!! NIS 3,900

     - 2 rms on Ayalon, suitable for 2 people, kitchinette,a/c, fully furnished NIS 2,600i  incl.  arnona 

     - 3 rms on Kishon, new kitchen,fully renovated,airy & bright , immediate NIS 3,000

     - 5 rms on HaYarkon, penthouse, 2.5 bathrooms, invested, 2 porches, storeroom & covered pkg , from 3/12 NIS 4,900

      - 2.5 rms on HaBsor, airy & bright, available mid february 2012  NIS 2'500

       - 4 rms on Gilo, spacious, succa porch,new kitchen,  immediate NIS 3,600

     -1.5 rm , Noam, eat in kitchen, ideal single or office NIS 1,890

    - 70 sqm storeroom/ office in Ramat Shilo    



- 3 rms , Ribaz, succa porch, well kept, option to epand on attic (3 rooms) well kept, clean building NIS 1,099,000 

- 3 rms ,on Hayarkon, 2nd floor NIS 850,000

- 3 rooms, Near Ribal, airy & bright, panoramic views, serious vewndor NIS 830,000

-5 rooms, Ribal, spacious salon and eat in area, large kitchen, 3 air exposures,storeroom NIS 1,250,000

Cheftzivah for sale:

-Near Shops and kupot cholim, 5 rms duplex, view, 2 succa porches, covered pkg, asking NIS 1,250,000

-3 rms, airy & bright, option to add 2 more rooms, NIS 899,000


   Cheftzivah for rent :

4 rms, near shops, like new condition, immediate NIS 2,400



5 roms (1 small) on Rashi + mamad (can be used as an office, large salon,upgraded kitchen and bathrooms, succa porch, view

realistically at NIS 1,360,000, Make an offer!!!   http://www.nadlantown.com/DetailProp.asp?NT=101

-3 rms on Ramat Neriah, option for a 4rth room,master bedrooms, succa porch, shabat elevator Grat Value !!! Reduced to NIS 930,000 

-4 rms on Reuven, airy & bright, elevator, large 115sqm succa porch NIS 1,199,000

- spectacular 8 rm, semi detached on Reuven, very invested, landscaped garden, view, must be see to be fully appreciated, asking NIS 3,200,000  http://www.nadlantown.com/DetailProp.asp?NT=100

_ 4.5 rms on Rashi, 2nd floor, elevator, ample salon, succa porch, modern kitchen NIS 1,250,000 must sell! Make an offer!!!

-5 Duplex on Gad, available immediately, spacious salon and kitchen , must sell! NIS 1,280,000 make an offer http://www.nadlantown.com/DetailProp.asp?NT=91

- Mapilei Egoz, penthouse  total 7 rms , option for separate rental unit ,a must to see!! NIS 1,395,000 
  -Mapilei Egioz, 5.5 rm penthouse, elevator, large succa porch, very invested, can be split into 2 apts, NIS 1,595,000

4 rooms , Shivstei Israel,succa porch, view , new kitchen,a/c,available Pesach 2012  NIS 3,300  


       --Beautiful 6 bedroom semi detached home with panoramic views, worth 
  looking at! Asking NIS 1,999,000. 
    Givat Sharet for rent:
 -18 sqm storeroom  on David Raziel ,(has windoes so can be used as an office) very close to Reshit Yeshiva nad Shainfeld, NIS 900 or nearest offer.
-3 rms on Ha Iris, approx 76 sqm with a 30 sqm garden, a/c, immediate, NIS 2,450

   OLD BET SHEMESH SALES: (why look into the Negev for an almost 6% return, have your investment close to home,
   better control, less hassles and more capital gain on sale) consult with us!
   -2.5 rms on Mishlat, near Yeshiva, well kept.Ideal for investor NIS 540,000 Make an offer! http://www.nadlantown.com/DetailProp.asp?NT=90
  - 3 rooms on Keren Hayasod, airy & bright NIS 590,000
    -3 rms , ground floor, near supermarket Barak and Kollel,NIS 620,000

    - 3 rms, Hamapilim,,a/c,well kept, new kitchen,NIS 570,000

     - 2.5 Ben Eliezer, spectacular view,invested NIS 590,000
     2.5 rms , view, well kept, rented, NIS 540,000
   - 4 rms + option to add approx 25sqm, garden, small building .Asking NIS 750,000 Flexible

  - Hertzl , 5 rooms , fully renovated, 2 entrances, can easely be split into 2 units to increase rentals return.NIS 880,000 Negotiable  http://www.nadlantown.com/DetailProp.asp?NT=54
    Old Bet Shemesh Rentals: 
4 rms on Rambam, large apt, 2 bathrooms, immediate NIS 2,950
2 rms on Rambam, 65sqm , immediate NIS 2,350   
    GIVAT SAVION FOR SALE: (the new Anglo trend in Bet Shemesh...buy at reasonable prices before it catches up with the rest of BS/RBS!)
-8 rms, free standing villa, option to expand, 2 rm office with option for separate entrance, 360sqm land plot.Bargain NIS 1,850,000 http://www.nadlantown.com/DetailProp.asp?NT=89

-spotless,in cul-de-sac 5 rooms, garden and 2 succa porches, 3 rental units  (NIS 6,500 monthly income) NIS 2,250,000 Bargain
-5 rm, refurbished, incl 2 rental units approx 70 sqm each, separate office , breathtaking views, large garden and porches NIS 2,490,000

-6rms ,kept like brand new, turn key!, beautiful yard,option to expand NIS2,350,000 http://www.nadlantown.com/DetailProp.asp?NT=73

    - 5 rm semi dettached plus self contaned rental unit (with no steps from the street) large yard option to expand NIS 2,200,000 http://www.nadlantown.com/DetailProp.asp?NT=49 

 -Delighful, 5 rm semi-dettached(with 340sqm attic ready to be transformed into 2 more rooms) with nice mostly paved yard (maintenance free) and rental unit
  Priced to Sell!! NIS 1,950,000 you will not find another house for this price in the Givah  SOLD!!

  -7 rooms , plus self contained rental unit of approx 120sqm, very 
  luxurious indeed!, Must be seen to be fully appreciated,Asking 3,099,000 
-8.5 rooms, includes 2 rental units, invested on cul-de-sac, serious 
  vendors!! NIS 2,000,000  http://www.nadlantown.com/DetailProp.asp?Gr_ListingSalePage=5&NT=8
    -7 room free-standing villa, , cul-de-sac, invested, must be seen! NIS  2,099,000 . 
    -7 room, on quite cul-de-sac, large yard.Spacious salon and master 
  bedroom. Worth seeing!! NIS 2,099,000 
- 3 rms on HaAdass, well kept and very spacious,garden with view, immediate NIS 2,400 incl water & arnona

- 1 big room (can be split into 2 rooms, open kitchen, bathroom, immediate ideal newly weds NIS 2,000

- 3 rms (50 sqm) with garden (approx 60 m) , private entrance, a/c,pergola,close to shops and buses, available from 1/5/12  Bargain NIS 2,280 also  suitable for  kindergarden

- 50 sqm office for rent, close to all amenities, NIS 1,850  Flex.

           -7 rm cottage with well tended garden, parquet floors,etc. serious 
   sellers, NIS 2,300,000  http://www.nadlantown.com/DetailProp.asp?s_Room=6&s_Price=8&s_NeighID=6&s_Price1=&NT=5 
Nofei Ha Shemesh Sales:
-6 rm semidetached, invsted, ample salon, modern kitchen plus separate 2 room rental unit, MOTIVATED VENDOR1, NIS 2,200,000
Nofei Ha Shemesh Rentals: 
-6rms, semi detached, large salon, invested kitchen, central a/c.NIS 6,000
-2 rms, ideal young couple available  now NIS 2,150

-1 rm with kitchinette and bathroom, ideal single/office , immediate , NIS 1,700 incl arnona

We also have investment apts starting at NIS 290,000 in the north and in Beer Sheva, ring our office for more info!!
Remember we also do Property Management (can provide references on request)
NadlanTown deals in all areas of Bet Shemesh
We constantly need new homes for sale and rent in all areas of Bet Shemesh,

please contact us!

Nadlan Town Real estate,
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