Can't Get Your House Organized? Join Rebekah Saltzman's Power Hours!

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Power Hours are online group decluttering sessions with Balagan Be Gone founder, Rebekah Saltzman, designed to get you motivated and on track! Rebekah is available during the 3 hour session to answer your questions and provide personalized guidance and advice.
If you were struggling getting things done, these sessions add extra accountability for a really affordable price.

Here is how it works:
1. Choose your time slot HERE:
2. Pay for a session ($35/120 nis)
3. Join the Zoom Call
4. Set a goal for the day with me
5. Reach your goal by doing small tasks and checking in with me every 15 minutes.

Log off and enjoy the tidy area of you home!

You can stay for as little or as much time as you want on the call (it's a 3 hour slot- most people stay all 3 hours)

Power Hours are every Sunday at 3pm and 7 pm. Groups are limited so join early.

Chores are always more fun when done in tandem. Challenge a friend to a Power Hour together! With Rebekah’s guidance see who can be more successful in decluttering!

Kerry Bar Cohen took the challenge. Click here to see what she has to say:

Here are some more reactions:
"I have found Power Hours to be so helpful... you are always gently encouraging us to push ourselves into doing more. I'm loving this process." -Y"
"A shout-out to Rebekah on today's power hours! I got SO MUCH done while consulting with her on the hard stuff (what to keep, what to get rid of). We created deadlines for things I am on the fence about. She gave me permission to let go of things that don't serve me anymore. It was fun being in the group to cheer each other on and feel the momentum gained from each other's progress."

So if you are ready to take your decluttering to the next level -join today:

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