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Devorah's Lane skin care and hair removal clinic.

Over 25 years experience with the highest European certification


  • New in!!! Dermalogica facials and products - a full cosmetic service including facials to suit your time and budget
  • Electrolysis (with advanced, rapid technology)
  • Eyebrow shaping
  • Eyelash and brow tinting
  • Waxing
  • Pedicures - medical and cosmetic
  • Manicures - regular and gel

Devorah's Lane -Skin Care and Hair Removal Clinic
Whatsapp Devorah:
OR call: 058-406-0644

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These are the Covid-19 precautions I have put in place to protect you:

-When you call for an appointment, I will ask you the same questions you are asked everywhere.

-When you arrive, I will check and mark down your temperature.

-You will need to wear a mask unless you are exempt for a medical reason or if I am working around your face.
- I will need you to sign a health declaration.
-I will only have one client in the salon (unless you live in the same home)
-You will be coming into a sterile environment. I will ask you to wash your hands.
-I will be wearing a mask, gloves and face shield. My outer-wear will be changed between each client.
-It is recommended you come without jewelry and leave your mobile phone and bags in the area that I have designated for that purpose.
-The salon will completely sterilized between treatments. All surfaces will be wiped down with 70% alcohol, sheets changed, the room aired, and all tools fully heat sterilized. Single-use equipment will be used wherever possible.
-Areas of treatment (body, face, etc.) will be wiped down using alcohol prior to treatment. Waxing sticks will be dipped once only and then discarded.

Devorah's Lane -Skin Care and Hair Removal Clinic
Whatsapp Devorah:
OR call: 058-406-0644

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