The Highest Quality Electric Appliances at the Lowest Prices at Si Hachashmal v'Mizug

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Getting married? Moving to a new home?
One thing is for sure, the highest quality electric appliances at the lowest prices are only from Si Hachashmal V’Mizug!

Take advantage of the jaw-dropping discounts on their entire selection of electrical products from the top companies:

  • Affordable newlywed packages: Sharp refrigerator + Bosch washing machine + two-compartment oven for only NIS 6,190 !!
  • New home package: Refrigerator + washing machine + oven for only NIS 2,890!

  • Samsung refrigerator + Electrolux washing machine + two-compartment oven on the Badatz line for only NIS 6,390!

    When buying a package, receive a professional Tefal iron as a gift!

Great discounts that only Si Hachashmal v'Mizug can offer:
> 8 kg washing machine starting at1,090 NIS

> Dryers starting as low as 690 NIS

> Studio apartment refrigerator for only 890 NIS
> 6 drawer freezer for only 890 NIS

& more!!

Please note: due to the corona crisis and the shortage of electrical products worldwide, electrical appliance prices are expected to increase dramatically very soon!
Make your purchases now, before the prices go up!

The countdown starts now!

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