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Weekly sales valid from Sunday at 8 am, all week.

Fruit and Vegetables on Tuesday/Wednesday

Chicken Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday


See our weekly flyer above or download it here: and benefit from great sales on the items you need!


NIS 2.90 per kg/pack:

Sack of Potatoes | Red beets | Butternut squash I bag of carrots I

Yevulay Hakfar  Coriander I Dill I Parsley I Mint


3.90 nis per kg/pack:


Kohlrabi I White Cabbage I Eggplant I Fennel Onion I Champion mushrooms 2nd container


In a bag:    Red Peppers I Oranges I Sweet potato I


*All branches *Limited: 3 Kg / 3 packs per client / payment *

Valid 26/01/21 -27/01/21 E&OE


CHICKEN SALES:  🌶🍔🌭🍗🌶🍔🌭🍗🌶🍔🌭🍗

All branches+ONLINE--> 


Whole chicken - NIS 12.90 per kg

Chicken thighs/quarters  3kg/ NIS 60 | 6kg/ NIS 100

Drumsticks 2kg for 40 nis

Breast/ ground chicken - 3 kg for NIS 75

Chicken wings - 2kg for NIS 15

Shnitzel/ fillet chicken 2kg for 60 nis

Pargiot – 1 kg for NIS 49.90



pre-packaged Whole Chickens NIS 25.90/kg

Chicken Wings NIS 14.90/kg

Chicken Quarters NIS 29.90/kg


Chicken Sales valid: until 28/01/21

Come in to shop or let BEST do it for you:

Best Market, Park Center, Nachal Dolev 19 - full-service supermarket

Sun - Wed: 8:00-22:00

Thurs: 8:00-23:00

Fri: 7:30-14:00

Motzash: Hour after Shabbat - 23:00


Best Market, Nachal Habesor 2.- makolet style

Sun-Thurs: 6:30-20:00

Fri: 6:30-14:00

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