The Shemesh Media Community
24 years ago, Shemesh Media started out as a phonebook, ShemeshPhone, the bilingual guide delivered to every home in the city. Our goal was to build community in our city, Beit Shemesh. We continue to add new innovations to accomplish our goal.Since then, our passion for our city and for technology has enabled us to add a cutting-edge digital platform, We connect the people of Beit Shemesh with each other and with all the schools, businesses, Gemachim and other local institutions that serve them. We are a local resource for local peopleThe people of our city are the only reason we are here. We are committed to WORKING WITH THE COMMUNITY to provide the best, most updated source of information so that everyone can enjoy the benefits of living in Beit Shemesh.Shemesh Media serves all 130,000 current residents in a city which is expected to continue its explosive growth, but we have a special connection to the Anglo community of Beit Shemesh. We strive to promote Aliya to our city by providing updated useful information in English, both on Shemesh Online and in the ShemeshPhone.We meet our audience wherever they are found: on the web, WhatsApp, Telegram, Google, Facebook, Instagram, email, newsletter, and video screens. Our site is constantly growing in number of users, sessions and pageviews. The site has a powerful search engine with a convenient interface and contains all the information needed by residents of Beit Shemesh: businesses, residents, community information and more, along with davening times, Form 106 to connect to the municipal government (Iriya), current updates, local events and promotions. New features are added all the time.We, the owners, and founders of Shemesh Media are longtime residents of Beit Shemesh. We are familiar with all sectors of the city and appreciate the mosaic of our city.We are always happy to receive your feedback! Please contact us using the contact form in menu at the top right of or email us at Sharon and Pircha