ShemeshPhone Pickup Locations

If you have not received a ShemeshPhone or are new to the city, you can pick up your free copy of the latest ShemeshPhone in one of the following locations.

If you are interested in purchasing a second copy or you are not a resident of Bet Shemesh please contact Shemesh Media for arrangements

Arthur’s Pharmacy
Hakol LaBayit
Hakol LaBayit
Montrose Change
Osher Computers
Photo Barama
Super Hatzlacha
Vitamnin C
Nachal Dolev 68
Rabbi Yehuda Hanasi 2
Nachal HaKishon 48
Chazon Ish 17
Park Center RBS A
Derech Rabin 19ן
Yirmiyahu Hanavi 4
Sheinfeld Shopping Center
Ben Ish Chai 29